New Font | Little Scratch

Introducing Little Scratch, a thin-line hand drawn serif font that’s perfect for bringing a handwritten look to your designs. I’ve done a few hand drawn “handwriting” style fonts now but I think this one is my favourite so far. It’s just so casual, you’d barely know it was a font!

There is language support for: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Little Scratch

What’s in the Folder

Little Scratch .OTF font file

Help file (.pdf)

I’d love to hear what you think of this font! Feel free to drop me a comment here or use my Contact page to get in touch.

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Hi, I'm Jen, an illustrator, pattern designer and font maker based in the UK. I love creating beautiful design resources that people might find useful. Two of the biggest things I strive for in my work is offering great value and excellent customer service. Feel free to get in touch!

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