Here you will find a list of creative links and resources that I’ve found useful. These links will take you to other websites so please remember to check my Privacy Policy before clicking on anything! I am not responsible for the content other people put on their own websites and their preferences and opinions are purely their own. This is simply to show you where you can find creative resources that I’ve enjoyed, used or found inspiring.


Learning & Tutorials

Skillshare – This is my go-to site for tutorials and inspiration. There are thousands of classes covering a broad range of topics, many of them taught by prolific creative entrepreneurs. I tend to gravitate toward the art classes, but Skillshare also hosts classes on photography, video creation, marketing and more. You can get a month free trial to try it and see what you think. For me Skillshare is a top investment for my creativity and business, and allows me to expand my toolset at my own pace.


Linkedin Learning – With over 16,000 courses taught by industry professionals, Linkedin Learning also offers a free month trial so you can test it out to see if it’s for you. I’ve done a number of classes here and found them to be clear and well-paced for picking up new skills and knowledge.


Udemy – I’ve only done a couple of classes on Udemy but it has a lot of different topics, with over 155,000 courses. You can see a list of their topics here.

get handsy

Art Supplies

Winsor & Newton – Massive selection of art supplies: paint, drawing and sketching tools, paper, and art sets. One of the things I love about Winsor & Newton is their high quality.


Daler-Rowney – This is where I tend to buy paper for painting and sketching. Huge selection of good quality art supplies.


Nikko G – My absolute favourite pointed pen nib for calligraphy and hand-lettering. You can pick up Nikko G nibs at lots of different places online, so do a search to find one that suits you.


Moblique Pen Holders – Gorgeous selection of colours. All pens are oblique but have removable attachments so you can use them as straight pens, too. They are available at various art supply sites and stores so check your preferred shopping place.


Digital Tools

Adobe CC – My creative bread and butter. Most would have heard about Adobe before, and while I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, you have every possible tool at your disposal when you subscribe to creative cloud.


Adobe Fresco – This is the main Adobe app I use on my iPad for drawing.


Procreate – The main app I use on my iPad, perfect for drawing, sketching, digital painting, editing images and photos and so much more.


Affinity Designer for iPad – This is a useful alternative to Procreate. I particularly like the vector creation and editing in Affinity for iPad.


Social Media Management

Tailwind – Right now Tailwind only supports Instagram and Pinterest, but if you are predominantly active on these two platforms (like I am) then this is an incredibly useful tool for organising and scheduling your content. I use it to pre-build my Instagram wall so I can get a consistent look and feel, and to schedule Pinterest posts. There are handy tools that help you post at the optimal times and even more functionality with a subscription (although the free version is great too!).


Later – Plan and schedule your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest activity. I have used Later in the past and always found it to be a useful visual tool for planning out my feeds and posts.


Selling & Buying

These are marketplaces where I either sell my products (*), or have bought products created by others.

Digital Creative Resources

Creative Market*

Design Bundles*

The Hungry JPEG*


Creative Fabrica*

Design Cuts

Print on Demand