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Hi there, I’m Jen, an illustrator and graphic designer based in the UK. This is my website where you’ll find illustrations and design resources made to help you boost your creativity. I also give away free stuff and post tutorials, recommendations and various other things. Subscribe to my newsletter to get creative resources delivered straight to your inbox.

About Me

No matter what’s happening in life, art and design always see me through even the hardest times. Creativity is like therapy, a safe place to go when you need to immerse and express yourself. I was always into creating art and making stuff as a kid so to be able to do it now as a side hustle is a dream come true. What makes it even better is the amazing creative community online and the ability to reach out to people all around the world.

Early in my career I spent hours scouring the internet for design resources that I could use to enhance my work, so I understand how important it is to find graphics that are high-quality, easy to use and comprehensive. I love making things that people can use in their own projects, and what I want more than anything is for you to feel happy, confident and inspired when you use my resources.

As for me, I started my creative business over ten years ago, designing websites and marketing materials for local companies. In 2019 I pivoted my brand to align with my real passion: creating beautiful illustrations and sharing them with others.

I’m currently based in the UK with my fiancรฉ and our wonderful bunny Quin (this is not a euphemism for a personโ€”he is literally an adorable little harlequin rabbit). I completed a Master’s degree in Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire from 2018-2020 while working full-time and growing my freelance business, so I’m no stranger to long hours and hard work. But I love it!

I also love it when people reach out and let me know what they want to see from my designs. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and connect with me on social media:ย @j.oliver.designs.

Hi, I'm Jen, an illustrator, pattern designer and font maker based in the UK. I love creating beautiful design resources that people might find useful. Two of the biggest things I strive for in my work is offering great value and excellent customer service. Feel free to get in touch!

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