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I’m thrilled to announce that the Woodland Animal Scene Creator is now live and available in my shop! This product has been a labour of love between the day job and my part-time Master’s degree, but it was worth the effort and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I hope you find it useful too!

Create your own stunning woodland scene using the vector silhouettes and background gradients. Get creative and build a magical custom composition with the animals and scenery, in any combination you like. The possibilities are endless. This resource is ideal for making greeting cards and gift labels, invitations, wedding stationery, website graphics, social media graphics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, product packaging, nursery design and home decor, apparel and more.

Keep reading to see more preview images and the product spec…

What’s included in this product:

  • 50 vector animal silhouettes (.ai, .eps, layered .psd, .png in black and white versions with transparent backgrounds)
  • 90 vector woodland silhouette elements (.ai, .eps, layered .psd, .png in black and white versions with transparent backgrounds)
  • 16 vector backgrounds in different colours (.ai, .eps, layered psd, .png with transparent backgrounds)
  • 10 plain pre-made terrains (.ai, .eps, layered .psd, .png in black and white versions with transparent backgrounds)
  • 6 pre-made coloured terrains (.ai, .eps, layered .psd, .png with transparent backgrounds)
  • 6 pre-made printable greeting cards (editable .ai, .pdf with pre-made text, in both A5 and 5x7in versions)
  • 3 help files (.pdf)

Each silhouette was drawn using real animals and woodland items as references so that the poses and shapes are as realistic as possible. Animals include:

Deer x3 • Elk • Hare • Rabbit x3 • Wolf x4 • Fox x3 • Rat • Hedgehog • Ferret/Stoat • Mouse • Squirrel • Racoon • Badger • Lizard • Otter • Chipmunk • Frog • Bear x2 • Pheasant x2 • Robin • Owl x2 • Crow/Black Bird x2 • Bat • Distant Flock x2 • Hawk x3 • Woodpecker • Dragonfly • Butterfly x4 • Beetle • Bumblebee • Bee

Click here to find out more: Woodland Animal Scene Creator.

Each vector element is editable using Adobe Illustrator or equivalent vector software, making it easy for you to change the colours to suit your needs. The layered .psd files are for people using Adobe Photoshop and contain Smart Objects which will scale up and down to fit your artwork. The .png and .pdf files should be accessible to everyone.

Bonus Content

Did you forget someone’s birthday? It’s OK, it happens! ? I’ve also included a set of six pre-made print-ready greeting cards, useful if you’re in a hurry or on a deadline. Add your own text, or use the pre-made text versions. Either send them to a printer, use an online printing service, or print them yourself at home to save time.

I’d love to hear what you think of this resource. I have three more animal-themed scene creators planned, so any feedback on this one would be a massive help. Your feedback mean that I can offer the most useful design sets in the future.

Did I miss your favourite woodland animal? Drop me a comment or email and I’ll add it to the list of animals to include in the next update!

Lifetime Updates

As a valued customer you get free lifetime updates on all my products, no matter how big the update. All you need to do is re-download the product from where you got it. Updates will be sent out in email to all customers and announced here on the blog.

As always, tag me on Instagram and show me what you’ve made with this: @j.oliver.designs. I promise I’ll check out your work and drop you a like!

Hi, I'm Jen, an illustrator, pattern designer and font maker based in the UK. I love creating beautiful design resources that people might find useful. Two of the biggest things I strive for in my work is offering great value and excellent customer service. Feel free to get in touch!

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