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Most people associate alchemy with the philosophy and proto-science of transforming base metals such as iron into precious metals such as gold and silver. But it goes back a lot further than that, and there are other reasons why alchemists throughout the ages have obsessed over this arcane art. Alchemy is also believed to cure diseases and (most fancifully) lead to immortality. Can you imagine!

Alchemy as a philosophy has appealed to people throughout time. Immortality aside, don’t we all love the idea of being able to cure any disease? The gold thing is a nice material gain, sure, but the search for a healthier, longer life roots deeper in our collective consciousness and has done for centuries.

This has inspired my latest product, Alchemical, which you can find available now in my shop, at Creative Market, Design Bundles, The Hungry JPEG and Creative Fabrica. This product features many illustrated icons inspired by alchemy, plus a huge set of Photoshop brushes and ten gorgeous seamless patterns.

Read on to see previews of the product and learn more about how you can use these designs in your own projects. You can also check out my Instagram feed for ideas.

In This Set:

60 illustrated icons – decorated (.ai, .eps, transparent .png)
60 illustrated icons – plain (plus a file with each icon and name/meaning) (.ai, .eps, transparent .png)
50 illustrated decorative elements and frames (.ai, .eps, transparent .png)
10 Seamless patterns (.pat, .ai, .eps, .png)
110 Photoshop brushes (.abr)
1 Colour palette – gradients and solid colours (.ai, .jpg)
3 Help files (.pdf)

File Types & Software:

You will need access to Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent vector editing software) to edit the .ai, .pat and .eps files. You will need Adobe Photoshop to use the .abr brush file. The .pdf help files and .pngs should be available to everyone and where possible I’ve included these file types.

Help & Support

I’ve included help files in this download but if you have any more questions check out my FAQ. Feel free to message me on my Contact page if you can’t find an answer in the FAQ. I am here to help!

Harry Potter fans will have heard of the Philosophers’ Stone. In alchemy, the Philosophers’ Stone is a material that is believed to be able to cure ills and cause immortality (I can see why Voldemort really wanted it). The stone is widely believed to have been first mentioned in the Creco-Egyptian era, around the 4th Century AD. It’s incredible to think how long alchemy has been on our radars.

Lifetime Updates

Buyers get free lifetime updates on all of my products, no matter how big the update. (Psst, to get hold of updates you will need to re-download the folder from wherever you bought it.) Updated products will always be announced here on my blog, or in my email newsletters.

Stay tuned for a FREE set of Alchemical-inspired graphics, only available to my lovely newsletter subscribers…

Hi, I'm Jen, an illustrator, pattern designer and font maker based in the UK. I love creating beautiful design resources that people might find useful. Two of the biggest things I strive for in my work is offering great value and excellent customer service. Feel free to get in touch!

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