Flodesk: The Best Email Marketing Platform

Flodesk: The Best Email Marketing Tool for Creatives

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I recently switched my email marketing provider from MailChimp to Flodesk and I can honestly say I’ll never look back. There are a few reasons why I made the move and I wanted to share them with you, particularly if you’re a creative or provide some kind of product or service that you need to promote to an email list. While I’m still fairly new to Flodesk, setting up my account was incredibly easy and because I used a referral link I got a lifetime 50% off my subscription. You can get the same saving too! Just use the referral link in this post.

Now I’m not saying there is anything terrible about MailChimp (or other email marketing services), but I never felt that the platform was quite right for me. I struggled to get my emails looking exactly how I wanted, and I was limited on how many subscribers I could have before the price went up.

So without further ado, my top six reasons to choose Flodesk over other email marketing tools.

One monthly price (with a huge discount for referral customers)

You get unlimited subscribers, no price hike as your email list grows. You could have 10 subscribers or you could have 100,000 and you’ll still pay the same monthly price. And as I said above, if you use a referral link like this one you get a whopping 50% off your Flodesk account for life. This means that you will pay $19 for Flodesk each month, rather than the full price of $38 p/mo. This is an amazing bargain, especially when you look at what you get (and how beautiful the emails are!).

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