Recommendations: Art and Design Classes & Tutorials

Art and Design Tutorial Recommendations

Today I want to share some art tutorial recommendations. The Alchemical freebie is still on the way, but progress has slowed slightly because I started a new day job, so please bear with me. (You can checkout Alchemical Design Resources in the meantime to see the style of the designs.) I’m a couple of months into my new day job and although there is a lot of info and stuff to learn, I’m really liking it so far and my co-workers are all lovely.

The real point of this post is to share a few creative classes and tutorials I’ve watched lately, across both Skillshare and YouTube. Because I watch a lot of classes I’m only hand-picking the ones I’ve found particularly useful for my own business, but I highly recommend searching for classes that suit your needs if these aren’t quite what you’re after. It’s amazing how much knowledge and how many skills are available these days and I know it can be overwhelming!

Note: Please bear in mind that Skillshare is subscription-based while the YouTube videos should be available for free.

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Tutorial | How To Use Seamless Patterns

How to use seamless patterns

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Seamless patterns are repeating graphics that you can use infinitely on different surfaces in a number of different ways. They are an incredibly versatile resource and can enhance your websites, merchandise and even your home. In this post I show you how to use seamless patterns in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and give examples of where you can apply them.

I have a few seamless patterns available in some of my products. These are normally part of a larger product, but you can find patterns all over. A great place to start is Creative Market.

Patterns can typically be applied to:

  • Textiles (clothing, home furnishings)
  • Digital backgrounds (websites, social media, app design)
  • Merchandise (journals, stickers, mugs, pens)
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Tutorial | How to Edit Logo Templates

How to edit logo templates

Logo design can be a pricey business if you’re a solopreneur or small company, with many bespoke logo designs and branding packages costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Early on in your career you might find you simply do not have that kind of budget.

That’s where logo templates can come in handy. They’re a great starting point and many offer editing capabilities. Generally you will need access to editing software or know someone who can edit the logo for you. There are different software options out there, some free, some paid. If you’re going to buy a logo template always read the product description to make sure you can edit it (or you know someone who can).

My logo templates are predominantly created for Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop, but I always provide an .eps file to give you as many choices as possible. This tutorial will show you how to edit my logo templates in Illustrator and Photoshop.

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