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I rarely share my work-in-progress, especially a collection-in-progress, but this relates to my previous blog post Animals as Inspiration for Art too much to ignore. First, I’d like to introduce you to Salem and Sabrina, the two latest additions to our ever-growing fur baby family:

The cute. 🀩

They are just over two months old and growing fast. They’re also totally adorable and mischievous and they inspired my latest surface pattern collection: Black Cats. I wanted to make a cohesive range of patterns with a more limited colour palette than usual. While this is still a work-in-progress, here are a few of the patterns I’ve completed in this range so far.

The Hero

The hero pattern is the one that fronts the whole collection. It’s more detailed and contains your main theme(s).

The Secondary

Secondaries support the main Hero pattern. Since there are botanicals in the main pattern I wanted the secondary to be botanical.

The Blender

Blenders are supporting patterns, generally simpler in design

(Er, and to note: this collection is/will be available for licensing…)

It’s no big secret that I loooooove making repeat patterns as they allow you to create endless designs without any visible interruptions. This feature makes them ideal for various applications, such as fabric printing, wallpapers, stationery, web design, and packaging.

The colour palette choice coincides with my brand and portfolio refresh. Moving toward more limited palettes in my collections will hopefully make my portfolio as a whole more unified and, well, pretty. I also wanted colours that reflected where I am in life at the moment: enjoying nature and natural colours, decorating our house with plants and neutrals.

Keep an eye on my Portfolio to see how these patterns expand, and so you can stay up to date with new collections!

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