Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi there, my name is Jennifer and I am an illustrator and designer based in the south of England. Early in my career I would spend hours scouring the internet for design resources that I could use to enhance my work, so I understand how important it is to find assets that are high-quality, easy to use and comprehensive. I love creating graphics and resources that others can use in their own projects and I always pay careful attention to detail and try to pack my products full of value. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to me and I want you to feel happy, confident and inspired when you use my resources.

As for me, I started running my own design business over ten years ago, designing websites, brochures, flyers and business cards for local companies and individuals. In 2019 I pivoted my brand to align with my real passion: creating beautiful vector graphics and drawing the things that I love. As a kid I was into creating art so my work very much mirrors my life-long passion - which is the best kind of work in my opinion!

Nothing is cooler than seeing how others have used my designs in their own projects, so don't forget to tag or message me on social media. I promise I will check out your post and drop you a comment. You can find me active on Instagram @j.oliver.designs.

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