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Hi there. My focus is custom-made digital and print graphic design, website design, and branding & identity. I aim for straight-forward, attractive and affordable websites, promotional material, and logos, and cater to businesses and individuals looking to launch their presence or brand.

Below you will find my portfolio which showcases some of the projects I have completed, as well as a section for my personal creative projects.

I am sometimes available for freelance work, depending on timescales and what you want. Send an email to joliverdesigns@gmail.com to enquire.

Design Portfolio

Personal Projects

About J. Oliver: I'm a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and speculative fiction writer based in Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK. I started making personal website and blog layouts in 2005 as a hobby, but over the years I became more involved in the process and took courses in CSS and HTML. Eventually I decided it was time to reach out to other people who are looking to put their personal stamp on the web, and in early 2010 J. Oliver Designs was born.

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