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A great logo is timeless, scalable, easy to recognise and evokes a sense of trust. But it doesn't end there. You also need a strategy so that your customers understand why they should choose you above your competition. I offer branding packages as well as stand alone logo design. I also create infographics, flyers and posters, design for company stationary, catalogues and brochures, website graphics and book covers. I have ten years of experience and I love graphic design—from bright colourful texture to minimal and sleek.

I accept customers worldwide and cater to businesses, start-ups and individuals looking to create a strong brand. I value good communication and an open-mindedness to creativity, and I believe that integrity builds the strongest relationships. I am available for freelance work depending on timescales and project size. All designs are from scratch and I collaborate closely with my clients to ensure they get what they need. Send an email to or use the contact form below to enquire.

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Privacy Policy: I will never use the information you provide through my contact form to contact you for any marketing purposes, only to respond to job enquiries or general questions. I will never pass on or sell your information to other companies or websites.


"Jen did graphic design for promoting my research documentary, including custom banners, icons, and a bespoke logo. Communicating back and forth on the design features was a true collaboration, she brought my ideas to life and made them even better. She also advised me on how to showcase my projects on social media. I was extremely pleased with the quality of work I received, and the time in which I received it. I'm pleased to recommend Jen's graphic design work and social media marketing skills."

— Yvonne Anisimowicz, Experimental Psychology PhD Student, University of New Brunswick

"Jennifer brought a professional and flexible insight during the redesign of one of our organisation logos. Her work was thorough and of high quality. Our work within the community is constantly evolving, and so do the visuals that we use to engage with the public. We needed a fresh look which reflected this evolution, but one that would also last for a few years without looking dated. Jennifer worked with us to achieve this look, and I firmly believe that she provided skill and creativity that we don't have in-house."

— David Cooke, Programme Lead for Strategic Workforce and People Programme, Hampshire Constabulary

Snow Fox (Winter)

Fox Graphic Design

The Winter Fox mandala design is the second in a four-part series of concentric graphic designs I am making based around different animals and the four seasons. For winter I wanted to use a snow fox because they are so beautiful and mischievous, which is how I think of the Jack Frost entity (rather than a person). I also included the moon cycle because of its cool colours.


The texture used in the background was created by blending a number of different desaturated photos of the moon and then using a splatter brush to create the snow effect. The vector artwork (foxes, moon, paw prints, and snow flakes) were all created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Design Vector Design Vector Design

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

December 2018—January 2019

Close Project

Logo & Branding

Logo Design

For 2019 I have gone through a full re-brand so that I can focus my graphic design and showcase my work in a more concise and unified way. The re-brand included a logo design (featuring three versions: colour, white and black), a new colour palette and font rules, a Mission Statement, Core Values and designs for business cards and other marketing material.

Mission Statement Branding Branding Business Cards Branded Stationery

I wanted to incorporate my initials J and O in the new logo, but also give the logomark a timeless, scalable feel. I sketched a number of different ideas and eventually settled on a design that is a mixture of my initials (hinted) and the infinity symbol. The colour palette is vibrant, friendly and approachable, but also professional and easy to recognise.

Logo Sketches

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

December 2018—January 2019

Close Project

Pattern Design | High Tea

Textile tote bag design Textile tote bag design

Repeatable pattern using custom-made vector artwork. This pattern was created with merchandise in mind—specifically for use on grab-and-go cake boxes, hot drink keep cups and tote bags. This design could also be branded if required.

Pattern design

Created in Illustrator CC.

December 2018

Close Project

Pattern Design | Winter Stag

Greeting Cards

I wanted the Winter Stag pattern to have a slight fantasy feel to it, so I added the moonbeams and snowflakes to give the stag more of an ethereal vibe. This project came together quickly and I am really fond of it for its simple beauty. Made using a stock photo of a real stag which I drew around and refined in Adobe Illustrator.

Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper

The design was originally intended for use on a set of winter-themed stationary. I chose a stag rather than a reindeer to make the design appropriate for winter, not just Christmas.

Vector artwork

Created in Adobe Illustrator CC.

December 2018

Close Project

Race-NB Logo Design

Logo Design Logo Design

Race-NB was an 8 week running / walking program for cancer survivors conducted by PhD students at the University of New Brunswick. The goal of the program was to identify cancer survivors preferences for physical activity and address any barriers to their engaging in physical activity. The training and study culminated in a documentary film chronicling the survivors' journey.

Logo Design

Co-coordinator of the study Yvonne approached me for a simple logo they could use across their social media channels, featuring the word RACE-NB and a sense of movement.

Running Path

This is part of the running circuit that the participants completed. You can watch the documentary on YouTube here.

Created in Illustrator CC.

May 2018

Close Project

Run Rabbit (Spring)

Mandala Pattern Design

This concentric design began as a personal project and was my first complex vector design in Adobe Illustrator. It features rabbits and foliage illustrations and a custom-made grunge texture in the background. The texture uses Spring/Summer colours and is comprised of many photos, textures and brushes set at different blend modes and opacities.

Mandala Pattern Design

I began the design with the leaping rabbits and then selected a number of flowers and grasses to use as the foliage circle. I am extremely fond of this piece.

Mandala Design

Created in Illustrator CC. Texture made in Photoshop CC.

November 2017

Close Project

Bad Bunny Logo Design

Bad Bunny Logo Design

Bad Bunny logo came about while I was considering setting up a cosmetics company (I create my own nail polishes and eyeshadows as a hobby). Initially the logo was intended to comment on the testing of cosmetics on animals, which I do not agree with, but I did not end up setting up the company.

The word "Bad" is in Avenir Next Condensed with the cotton tail embellishment added afterwards. The word "Bunny" was hand-drawn by me in Illustrator.

Bad Bunny Logo Design

Created in Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.

July 2017

Close Project

Jon Fox Home Improvements Logo and Marketing Material

Jon Fox Home Improvements Logo Design Jon Fox Home Improvements T-Shirt Design Jon Fox Home Improvements Flyer Design

Carpenter Jon Fox approached me for a logo and marketing material for his business, Jon Fox Home Improvements. For this project I created some custom-made vector icons and artwork. I also included a geometric theme which showcases some of his work. The geometric pattern represents the precision and creativity in Jon's carpentry. Jon uses these flyers in the local area to promote himself across Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset.

Jon Fox Home Improvements Logo Design Vector artwork

Created in Illustrator CC.

October 2017

Close Project

Pattern Design | Falling Leaves

Pattern Design Falling Leaves - 1 Pattern Design Falling Leaves - 2 Pattern Design Falling Leaves - 3

Falling Leaves is a repeating pattern I created in Adobe Illustrator, intended to be used on textiles and surfaces. It features custom-made vector artwork and bright, vibrant colours. I chose a yellow-green palette for this design as they are colours I rarely use in my work and I wanted to see if I could create something in yellow and green that was pretty. I also wanted this pattern to have a good sense of motion. Individual leaves can also be used on their own as signature elements.

Created in Illustrator CC.

January 2019

Close Project

Pattern Design | Moon Cycle

Textile Pattern Design Textile Pattern Design

The Moon Cycle pattern was originally created for use on black-out curtains, but could be applied to many different textures and surfaces. I drew vector icons to represent the phases of the moon and created the pattern.

Textile Pattern Design

Created in Illustrator CC.

December 2018

Close Project

Logo and Branding | RELEAF

Logo Design

RELEAF is a holistic service specialising in aromatherapy, balms and skincare creams using natural, locally sourced products. Their focus is on supporting both physical and mental self-improvement and their services range from aromatherapy blends that aid quitting smoking and other addictions, to natural salves that soothe burns and persistent skin conditions.

Brand Stationary Design

RELEAF is a small company based in the UK but they ship their products worldwide (terms and conditions apply). RELEAF pride themselves on the high quality of the ingredients they use, but it is equally as important to them that they support other local businesses.

Brand Mission Statement

For 2019 they wanted a fresh look and feel for their brand so that they could stand ahead of their competitors and also offer a unique angle, while continuing to instil a sense of trust and solidarity within the community. Their logo design is a leaf whose curves echo the gentle nature of their products, but it also has a bright and vibrant colour palette so that they stand out. Through market research I found that many holistic products use a far softer pastel colour palette so for RELEAF I went with a deep gradient to imply their modern and playful approach. RELEAF do not take themselves too seriously and it was key that they come across as a friendly and approachable brand.

Logo Usage Shop Signage

Created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop CC.

November 2018 - January 2019

Close Project

Pipe Doctor Logo

Vector Logo

The Pipe Doctor logo design was created for a fictional plumbing company. It features vector logo design and various marketing and advertising materials. The design is quite soft and friendly.

Business Cards Van Sign Writing Artwork

This logo design is currently for sale.

T-Shirt Design

January 2018

Close Project

Book Cover Design Series

Horror Story Poster Design

Poster design for the short horror fantasy story Shuffle, published at Kaleidotrope magazine in 2015 in their summer issue. The story is about a zombie who begins to regain her memories and is forced to make a horrible choice. The design features intensive Photoshop work on the stock model photo to zombify her and a grunge, post-apocalyptic background. May 2015.

Book Cover Design

Book cover design for fantasy author Philip Norris, for his novella You Can't Avoid A Little Blood which is available on Amazon. Phil's protagonist is a warrior whose mission is to take down a tower in a fictional, high-fantasy city. Phil briefed me to feature flames at the top of the tower and a sense of epic landscapes. The colours were used to evoke the fantastical element, with shadows creating depth, distance and a moody atmosphere. Stock images were used for the warrior, landscape and tower, with a number of blend mode layers added to create the mood of the piece. September 2017.

Graphic Design

Story promo design for my short YA sci-fi story The Machinists's Boy, published at Youth Imagination Magazine in 2016. The story is about two young boys who crash land on a barren, wasteland planet ruled by automatons. I wanted to show the sense of vastness of the planet and the heat and smoggy, cloying atmosphere that hinders the main characters' progress. July 2016.

Fantasy Book Cover Design

Story cover design for the sort fantasy-horror story Death Car Alley, published at Jersey Devil Press in 2012, issue 27. I created the cover in a collage style, using many different components I cut out to form the composition. This is an early design but one I am still quite fond of! 2012.

Close Project

Music Poster Design Series

For my Master's Degree in Graphic Design I chose to explore the graphic representation of music, and attempted to capture what I love about the music of Sofie Letitre.

Music Poster Design

Bright Coloured Side. Some of the shapes (the wavy lines in particular) represent the beat and vocal rhythm, with the darker patches made to look like deep water because I always feel like I'm floating within her music. The small creatures signify the melodic, ethereal nature of Sofie's voice.

Music Poster Design

I'll Be Fine. I played with gradients and blend modes to create movement in this piece. Sofie's music strikes me as modern and hard to define, which is the effect I went for with this poster.

Music Poster Design

Slip (Steelan Remix). The poster for Slip (Steelan Remix) uses modern colour schemes and is comprised entirely of vector gradients created in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to have precise lines in a stepped layout to mirror the beat of this song, but with circular accents that represent the vocals lifting above the beat.

Designed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CC.

November 2018 — January 2019

Close Project

Cluck Off Logo

Logo design

This chicken was originally created for use on an infographic but it ended up not being used. Rather than let it go to waste, I decided to use it as a logo concept and give it a bit of air time.

Logo design

The design also features custom-made lettering (Wacom tablet and Illustrator CC).

June 2018

Close Project

Personalised Christmas Card

Greeting Card Design

This was something of a personal project for my boyfriend during Christmas 2017. The Ultimate Festive Man Tree combines a number of things he loves - his van, tools, and tea. The different elements of the tree were drawn by me in Illustrator and put together using a photo of a real Christmas tree for the shape reference. This design was a lot of fun and he loved the card.

Vector Graphics

Created in Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.

September-October 2017

Close Project